Monday, July 21, 2014

falling in love with Oregon

I go through some major withdrawals from the white sandy beaches of Florida, which is truly funny because I complain about the heat here and we literally have zero humidity. This weekend was exactly what I needed. We went and explored some new places that just happen to be at the top of my list of favorite spots we've ventured to so far and we did it all as a family.. pups included!

Saturday we went to Lewisville Park, threw some rocks, ate some lunch and just explored the area. It was a gorgeous day out and it was so fun watching Rae climb over all the rocks. We stayed a few hours and headed back home because it started to get pretty busy. 

So after nap time we packed up and found an outdoor pool where our little fish actually enjoyed the pool this time. 

Sunday morning we went to church where the ladies at the day care told me how well Rae is doing and is sharing with all the kids.. yay! I can tell she is getting more comfortable with being in there which makes me feel even more comfortable about her going to "school" one day a week starting September. 

Handsome found a beach that we could drive the jeep out on and we packed up and headed to the coast. It was surprisingly pretty out and although the water wasn't exactly warm, the dogs and Raelyn had an absolute blast. 


  1. love the pups jumping in the air pic! Nice shot! And that last one, describes the beach perfectly. i have such great memories of exploring little rocky river bottom areas as a kid! That one looks awesome.

  2. Those beach pictures!!! I swoon! And hello little happy fish! So so sweet!

  3. Aw, what a fun weekend you had! Your pictures are lovely! I loved seeing everyone skipping along the beach..including those horses, i mean pups, of yours!