Friday, July 25, 2014


We woke up to sixty degree weather people..

I'm usually not one for cold weather, but it was really nice to throw a sweater on and pretend it was fall.

Apparently I'm on an apple kick? After a quick trip to the store and finally getting Rae to nap after about 40 minutes of her own yoga session in her crib, I opened up all the windows in the house and started slicing up some apples.

I whipped out the dehydrator and the crock pot to make some apple chips and apple sauce.

Super easy and it makes me even more excited for the cooler months to approach so we can head to the apple orchards and pick our own! Rae will flip over that.. she bites into ever piece of fruit if she gets her hands on the fruit basket. We always end up grabbing fruit with little chunks missing out of them.

Because we are heading to Washington for the day tomorrow I made breakfast last night so we could heat it up and go in the morning.. it'll be extra delicious because I had a little helper adding in all the ingredients

 ...again with the apples I made baked apples and cinnamon oatmeal. We've been eating different variations of this for a few weeks now and Rae loves it.

This weekend we have some plans to get out and explore some new places, one of which includes a hike and wading through water to get to a waterfall --excited!! and hopefully we get to end the weekend with a date to our new little spot.


  1. ok. those dried apple look heavenly!! for reals. . . so so delicious!!

  2. I bet the house smells perfection! I just made baked apples and apple pancakes for breakfast. Love the smell. And applesauce is always a fave. I wish we had some cool weather to accompany it though.