Tuesday, July 22, 2014

18 months.

My dancing, tinker bell lovin', exploring little brunette is a year and a half! I looked at the calendar and couldn't believe how fast this came. So like any other little milestone, a little update on all things Rae seemed appropriate.

Favorite Foods// this girl could eat pasta everyday, all day if I let her. Cold, no sauced pasta at that... so in order to sneak more veggies into her diet I now buy the veggie pasta which she seems to like. I was even proud to shred a whole zucchini and carrot into some ground turkey to make her mini-meatloaf. Girlfriend loved it... other than that it's fruit 'nacks, grapes, cucumbers, salt & vinegar chips and shredded cheese

New Words// she does this hilarious noise that I wish I could type out.. I'm not sure if it's a word, but it's the cutest. Silly, socks, outsiiiiide, Teddi, water, potty, teeth, kitty, eyes and nose. There's a ton more I'm sure because she tries to mimic everything we say/do but I'm drawing a blank

Loving// Elsa and her singing snowman are out and Tinker Bell is in. her kitty stuffed animals or any animal for that matter.. handsome and I are currently trying to talk ourselves out of buying a bunny for her. Playing outside and picking up all the spilled bird food out front, tinkering with everything in the garage and most definitely driving the jeep

Not so Favorites// bath time has been hit or miss this week? and when the bunny gummies some how end up all disappearing from the bag. 

Signature Moves// girlfriend loves waving hiiiii to the dogs and byeeee to handsome when he leaves for work in the morning. Blowing kisses, running in circles around the kitchen counter and walking on her tippie toes.

New-ish// brushing her teeth is top five favorite things to do, I don't know if I ever mentioned how long it took Rae to drink milk, but at about 16 months when we were finally done breastfeeding she started with almond milk and we never looked back, LOVES books and I love finding her behind the rocking chair flipping through either Jungle Book or her God book. and yesterday she pee'd for the first time in the potty!! Sadly, the little jingle it makes when you pee scared her so nowwww I'm trying to coax her back on it. I'm definitely not rushing it, but still hopeful we can get it down by the big t-w-o (fingers crossed). Oh, licking my face.. that's her new thing too and she LOVES it?

P.S. Baby #2 means A NEW BLOG NAME /// help! I'm fresh out of ideas, seriously any ideas would be helpful. I'm thinking once we know if we're having a boy or girl it might be a little easier.


  1. ok, that is pretty cute that the tinkle sound scared her. a bummer, but also it is funny what throws kids off their game. Drives me nuts when Chris tickles her feet on the potty, because I'm afraid something with startle her or she'll loose her balance and won't want to sit on the potty anymore. I just don't think he realizes how sensitive kids can be about odd things. That is great that she loves brushing her teeth! Aria will sort of brush hers but is not a fan when I have to actually help out. I was kind of bummed about that because we've been working on it from the get go with a teether brush and massaging her gums. I was hoping it would make her more accepting of it. Happy 18 Months!

  2. YAY for 1st time potty! She will have it down in no time :) can't believe she is 1 1/2!

    New blog name... don't even get me started..

    Give Coconut some eskimo kisses for me!

  3. Licking your face--hilarious!! Where do they come up with these things?!? And seriously, Rae is just the most beautiful little thing!!!