Friday, June 6, 2014


I'm kind of loving this thing we have going on.

The way you catch me when I jump at random times into your arms,

the way you make every decision based upon benefitting our family,

the way Raelyn smiles and does the most excited dance when you walk through the door,

the fact that not a single day goes by that you don't tell me I'm beautiful, even when I'm still rockin my pajamas and my hair is a hot mess,

the way you continue to surprise me and leave post-it notes around the house,

the fact that Raelyn will know how to be treated and what to look for in a man because you have set the bar so high,

the way you smile at me when I'm across the room or when I'm mid conversation,

and definitely the way we have grown together as a couple, as friends and as husband and wife. Our relationship is everything to me and exactly what I have always hope for plus more.

three years with you has been a breeze and I feel so blessed to call you mine. This thing we have goin' on is my absolute favorite and it all started July 2010. It's gone by so fast and I can't wait to celebrate another fifty more years! You're my best friend, the man I fell in love with for your humor and personality long before we were ever able to be together. I love the family man that you are, the way you drive the speed limit even when it drives me nuts and how you tighten the lids way too tight. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. Happy anniversary handsome!

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  1. You two are the absolute cutest!!! Happy Anniversary!