Tuesday, June 24, 2014

summer bucket list

technically summer has still started over here and were blessed with a significantly less amount of humid than were used to and z e r o mosquitos, way different than Florida and North Carolina.

and since Oregon has SO much to offer we have high hopes of crossing off everything on our summer bucket list (and still saving some for summer's to come!)

- Visit the Oneota Gorge. This is a hiking trail that you have to wade across water that goes a little more than waist high and brings you to a gorgeous waterfall at the end. If we go on a hot sunny day the water will be refreshing and Rae will be perfectly fine in her hiking pack.

- Berry picking! We've crossed strawberries off our list so far, but blueberries and raspberries are next.

- Camping, duh. The pups will even get to come along on this one and my mouth is already watering for bbq sammies.

- Homemade popsicles are a must and Pinterest has plenty of DELICIOUS concoctions that I'm dying to try.

- Zoo Concert. Word on the street is you get to jam out next to the elephants. 

- Outdoor movie. Another MUST... and they are playing Frozen several times and this is a pretty regular thing until late August. Count. Us. In.

- Farmers Market (that's kind of a ritual already)

- Umpqua hot springs! I haven't looked too much into it on how difficult the hikes are for Rae, but you hike and then get to bathe? soak? idk in a hot spring in the mountains.

- Watch fireworks

- Finger paint

- Make a living room fort

- Homemade smoothies with fresh berries and vegetables

There is seriously so much to offer here and we are soaking up as much summer and sun as we can!


  1. sounds like a perfect summer!! enjoy it (:

  2. Great list! I'd love to know where you got that cup for your daughter! I need to find something that mine can drink smoothies out of—the ones we have aren't working all that great.