Thursday, June 5, 2014


Some Rae-isims of the barely talking variety

If you're a stranger in Rae's world you will get the meanest mean mug followed by some pouty lips. It is hilarious and I'm strikingly proud of it. Keeping the boys away at an early age ;)

"more more more" is heard all too often and if choose not to give in she will get angry and either a)kick her feet or even more embarrassing b)try to bite the nearest object.. whhhyyyy?

Come bedtime she loves to read. Currently God is Good all the Time is her fav and The Jungle Book. She likes to point out all the animals

also before she lays down you can guarantee she will give you no less than seven kisses and what's even better is that lately she's been grabbing my face and pushing it in towards her to kiss me. dontevergrowupcoconut

Trader Joe's dried unsweetened mango easily passes for gummy snacks and that makes both myself and her happy.

She is finally drinking milk (it took fifteen months for her to pick a milk she liked) unsweetened almond milk is her jam and she will only drink it out of her mason jar cup.

asking her to do yoga means you get to see her killer downward dog pose & asking her to dance gets you some sa-weet dance moves & to spin usually means she will spin until she falls down

sometimes you will catch her drinking out of the dogs water bowl.. and nine times out of ten she does her business under the kitchen chairs (i.e. why were starting to potty train soon)

I am LOVING all her hilarious moments, she's learning so much and picking up on everything we are doing it's the best. I can't wait until she starts full on talking.

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  1. Isn't thus age so much fun?! Love it!! And that she gives you kisses before she lays down at night, waverly does that and it melts me!!!!! Xo