Monday, June 23, 2014


We're singing the Monday blues over here this morning. We had a four, technically three day weekend with our favorite and those always suck when they come to an end.

We spent a lovely six hours at the Ford dealership and officially downsized from our Yukon to this sweet little ride

It's a 2013 Ford Escape and exactly what we were looking for when we went car shopping. We come from mostly flat lands, so when we bought the Yukon we didn't take into consideration all the hills Oregon had to offer plus almost $4.00 a gallon was killing me. I knew I couldn't go too small because we need the trunk space for kids. Rae can still be rear faced which makes both handsome and I happy & the heated seats will definitely come in handy. You can't tell by the picture, but it's a pretty kodiak color that makes it sound even cooler.

One of my favorite things about Oregon is their farmer's market. We almost always come home with fresh berries and since we were low on local honey a delicious bottle of blackberry honey came home with us too. Handsome uses it daily in his coffee for his allergies and swears by it, I just use it on toast :) The eggs are almost gone and my table is looking awfully pretty with this mixed arrangement/peony bouquet.

That afternoon was spent watching the local Oregon high school all star football game. Rae could've spent the entire day out there running along the sidelines. but now we also know that we probably won't be able to take her to a Ducks game like we were hoping because this wild child will certainly not sit four hours in the bleachers. 

flourless peanut butter cookies were a hit..

and Sunday we actually made it to church. I love that our church is less than five minutes up the road and so far Rae is doing well when we leave her in the child care room. We usually go a little early so that way we can drop her off and watch her through the glass and make sure she does okay. The first ten minutes she stands in one spot and just stares at the ladies volunteering, but usually by the time we have to go sit down she's playing and one of us will check on her once during service and by then she's climbing on toys and playing with the kids. 

Thank you for the sweet emails and well wishes! I felt totally fine all weekend and as I sat down to write this post a felt a little tickle in my throat so a tall glass of OJ it is and some emergen-C! 


  1. love the new ride and the gas mileage savings. I wish we had a real farmers market. Rae is precious

  2. SIX hours at the dealership?! no way. buuuut it was worth it. look at that fun new car!! and those farmers market goodies are making me swoon!

  3. congrats on the new car, i love it! also that blackberry honey sounds AMAZING!

  4. Love the new car! Gotta love good gas mileage! Looks like a great little family weekend :)

  5. We bought a ford escape almost a year ago and I still love it! We usually get around 30 mph on our highway road trips, which is wonderful compared to our other ride!

  6. ooooh that is a pretty new ride! I'm so jealous of farmer's markets...wish there were any decent ones near me. And, running around is way more fun than the bleachers!