Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's the Little Things [mermaid nails]

We have definitely been spoiled with having my mom in town for a month and a half. The filipino dishes and the fact that she's been watching and playing with Rae while I get ahead on my school work so I can finish a solid month early is GREAT.  Rae loves her lola and we are totally going to miss her when she goes back to Florida next week.

I love watching these sweet little moments unfold 

Lately Rae has been asking for her nails to be painted & by asking, I mean pointing and stomping her feet at the nail polish that is sitting on the counter. 

I kind of love her mermaid nails and matching toes.
Rae neverrrr sits still long enough for me to paint her nails so let's hope I can keep them painted after lola leaves. 

Big thanks to Jess & Ashley for hosting The Little Things link-up! Congratulations to Macey N. for winning the Sassy Bow Co. giveaway. A Freshly Picked giveaway is just around the corner and I KNOW how excited you all are for that. 

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  1. Her mermaid nails are SO SWEET! Nails painted is pretty much the only activity lex sits still for (such a girl) so I'm pretty sure Rae will too ;)