Thursday, June 12, 2014

i confess

i confess that this was our first date night since Rae's been born. HUGE thanks to lola for keepin an eye on the babe via monitor while we partied the night away

i confess that we didn't really party the night away and we're actually home by eleven...

i confess that we are totes missing lola and the dinner that was served this night

i confess that Rae and I are both rockin chipped nail polish

i confess that we also took a nap together on the couch for three hours on and off? obviously we both needed it

i confess that I have ONE ESSAY left and i'm DONE with school fi-na-freaking-lyyy

i confess that we're starting our health eating regimen and salads are calling my name

except the last five or so oreo's are calling it louder

i confess that Rae is a heavy lifter and my weightlifting belt is totally needed

i confess that I look forward to putting on doc mcstuffins because Rae has some KILLER dance moves when she sings "time for your check upppp"

i confess that if you follow me on IG I will be posting some outdoor yoga poses in hopes of winning 6mo free yoga + some lulu gear

i confess that I don't like milk in my cereal

i confess that this also happened last week

i confess that we're totally obsessing over watermelon & can't wait to make some watermelon slushies this weekend

i confess that I still haven't bought handsome a father's day gift

i confess that I'm seriously loving this season of the bachelorette & considering rewatching TVD

i confess that I love meal planning and grocery shopping

i confess that I'm secretly wanting to chop all my hair off

i confess that I dream about buying our forever home

i confess that we are still swooning over our FP moccs and you can win a pair by going here

and i confess that if you made it this far you are totally awesome for sticking with this completely random post. LOVE YOU!


  1. I made mint watermelon slushies last night and they. were. DELICIOUS. I confess I read your whole post and I can't wait to see your outdoor yoga poses! Love when you post them :)

  2. I love all the watermelon slushies popping up around blogland. I'd never even thought of it, but I've got a watermelon on the counter waiting for me to chop it up so it is definitely on the agenda soon! yum!

  3. Staying out until 11 is TOTALLY partying all night. No lie. I can't remember the last time I was awake at 11.