Monday, June 16, 2014

Handsome's Day

We had the best weekend celebrating the favorite guy in our life. Handsome not only wakes up with Rae in the middle of the night, he takes her in the morning so I can sleep a little longer, he's mastered her top knot, takes her on jeep rides, lets her tinker around the garage and reads every book that she hands him. There's no doubt that Rae is head over heels for her dad and I really can't blame her, I'm pretty crazy about him myself. Handsome works so hard for our family and his selflessness is always appreciated. So Saturday was dedicated to him, doing all things he enjoys most. Spending time with his girls and taking the jeep out for a little fun.

We headed to Tillamook Forrest to hit some trails and Rae was perfectly content the whole time watching Frozen on a very bumpy ride. I still can't believe that she ended up falling asleep because the trails got a little crazy at times. We had a lot of fun and we even got to hang out a bit at the top of a mountain for lunch.

It was a Saturday well spent and after a rough night for Rae we ending up just having a relaxing Sunday. The whole house and Rae especially came down with a case of the runny noses and itchy throats. We went to a small little aquarium and surprisingly Rae wouldn't touch the sting rays or starfish. A little car shopping turned into a Jamaba Juice run (which never disappoints) and a stop by the pet store where I desperately wanted to take home the prettiest little pup names Olive. 

We spent a good twenty minutes at this window & if any of the dogs were getting out of line, Rae was sure to yell "NOO, GOOO!" Looks like we've found her new little happy place. Hope you all had a wonderful time with all the special men in your lives! 


  1. wait is that hammock connecting to y'alls jeep? what a nifty way of setting those up (: Glad you had an amazing day! my husband was handed a father's gift at church by the greeter and it was funny knowing we don't have any, yet (; hehe <3 <3

  2. You had me at jeep hammocks! Awesome! And Frozen makes the trip even better! haha.

    That top picture is just the sweetest too. Kills me! Sounds like a great weekend minus the runny nose itchy throat

  3. This was the sweetest little post. I also loved your idea of relaxation... we have thought about attaching hammocks to the Jeep (back when I had one). Sounds like a fun time! :)