Monday, June 30, 2014

BABY #2!!

So if you're following me on IG you totally know I dropped the bomb on some pretty exciting news..

little babe #2 will be making it's way February 2015! We're feeling so blessed and excited and honestly a whole lotta scared ;) Originally we were so content with just having Raelyn and her being our only child. One night we got to talking and we just knew how amazing she would be as a big sister. How her and her brother or sister would have a bond for life that no other friend could compare to and that was it. We prayed for another blessing and although we expected it to take a little longer than it did, God answered our prayers, again! There's concerns that weigh on both mine and handsome's heart, but we know that we've been given another blessing and we couldn't be more thankful.

I honestly couldn't tell you how far along I am, but my guess is somewhere between 6-8 weeks. This impatient momma couldn't wait until next week for my first ultrasound so it could definitely change. We first told friends and family on Father's Day and if my Facebook friends actually sat through handsome's 14min little video I do for him each Father's Day, I announced it then too. 

the infamous chalkboard posts each week will actually not be happening this go around. My board is about to fall apart and if I can be completely honest, I don't think I'd have the energy to do them especially since Rae has now claimed that as her chalkboard. I will be doing some sort of picture though because it'd be illegal to not document the bump.

this time around is already so different than it was with Rae. I'm nauseous all.the.time.. I'm basically living off of fruit, water and ginger ale. When I do try and eat a normal meal I get full so fast and then feel so gross afterwards. I am really hoping this doesn't last too much longer because it is awful and being in the car tends to make it worse. I am ridiculously tired and chasing around a wild little babe all day doesn't help one bit. Rae is really a blessing though, she will get on the couch and cuddle with my under the covers if she knows I'm not feeling well. 

Once we get the ultrasound next week I'll post more, but I'm prewriting this post and it's 9:30 which means this girl needs to get her butt in bed because a certain little babe is getting up at 5:45 lately (and did I mention that I haven't had coffee in over a month) 


  1. So exciting!! That's big big news ;) and I hope you feel better body and pregnancy = lots of sickness too. So I'm pulling for you!

  2. I'm still so thrilled for you!! And I remember the nausea -- I had it BAD with Kiernan. Hope it passes soon!! *hugs*

  3. So happy for you all! I was really sick at the beginning of this pregnancy, hopefully the nausea will pass soon.

  4. YEAH!!! Best news ever! So happy for you and your little family! I was much sicker this time around too, but it eventually subsided...hope yours does soon too! CONGRATS!!!!

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations!