Monday, June 2, 2014


Pitch Perfect 2 is filming and I am probably more excited about it than I should be. I love fat Amy and I secretly wish Anna Kendrick was my real life best friend.. handsome even likes it, so it's a win win. 

This weekend was gorgeous out & I half way thought about getting into a bikini and laying out in my back yard. Friday us girls + my mama went to my new go-to brunch spot. We sat on the patio and pointed at all the ducks then walked around the lake. 

Because it was scorching outside and Rae loves to play outdoors I thought it'd be perfect to bring her to the splash pad in town. She LOVES the pool (or at least last year she did) we haven't brought her back this year.. so I thought she would totally die over the water spouts. As soon as she saw the water she went "wowwww, waterrrrr" and ran straight for it. Little did she knew there would be other kids, older screaming kids and huge water spouts. I think she it shocked her, she wouldn't even let me put her down. When I went to let her touch it, she even started crying and Rae NEVER cries. So I toweled her off and put her dress back on.

Whadda ya know.. maybe the water was just too cold? because I certainly thought it was freezing. She still wouldn't fully run in it, but she did enjoy running up to it and splashing in the water from afar. Better luck next time hopefully! 

Rae was pleasantly surprised to see her dad after she was done playing. He stopped by right as we were leaving, looking mighty handsome. I still get butterflies being around him. & the smiles and looks Rae give him completely turn my heart to mush. 

Saturday we drove out to the coast to see haystack rock. Let me tell you how different this beach is from what I'm used to. No one (expect the few crazies) were swimming, no one was tanning and the sun was barely shining. However, it was SO cool. 

Dogs were running around everywhere, people were riding these cool bikes and hackstack rock did not disappoint. The anemone were really neat to see and hopefully we go back when its a tad warmer & during low tide to see some starfish! 

playing around.. 

Sunday we went for conveyor belt sushi that never disappoints and walked along waterfront park. Just so happens there was a fair going on, so little babe got her first carousel ride.

a lot of "wowwww" "wooowww" happened and lola got it all on video! 

We had a wonderful weekend and even though handsome had to leave today for a few days it's our anniversary Friday & I am WAY excited about it. 


  1. Her drinking from the water cup with that pony is the cutest! I'm dying for Aria's hair to get some length. That was all from the weekend, you pack it in! I love it. First carousel is my fave!

  2. Love all your pictures! California beach doesn't look or sound cold like that, but those rocks are gorgy! You are beautiful & Rae looks thrilled, as always, when riding that carousel. love you fruit fam!