Tuesday, May 6, 2014

weekend memories & CINCO!

What a wonderful weekend it was, too short.. but nonetheless wonderful. The farmer's market officially opened up for summer this weekend and since I forgot to eat breakfast it was the perfect place to stop for free samples and crepes! I may have even managed to come home with some macaroons :) Light rain and all we had a blasty blast at the zoo Saturday. Rae slept through half of Africa and completely missed the giraffe's but she still enjoyed it.. although, I'm sure she just thought we were at the biggest dog park she's ever seen.

Stefan's Favorite ^ 
Before we went headed back home we stopped here

Oh, donuts. I'm not usually a fan of icing and sprinkles, but I will almost never turn down a donut. I kid you not, we stood in line for almost forty minutes. Rae took a little snooze, we saw some interesting people walking around Portland and once we made our way inside we ended up coming out with only 6 donuts [toasted coconut. bacon something. cocoa pebbles. oreo. pb&j. pnut butter, caramel].. when my mom really wanted a dozen. Trust my I do NOT need a dozen of these donuts. I don't know where my picture went to, but if you follow me on IG, then you saw the picture!

Cino de Mayo consisted of a tiny glass of margarita, homemade mango/pineapple salsa and a little park action for Rae. OLE!


  1. I love this pic of you and Rae! You gals are gorgeous! and that goat cracks me up! Jealous about the farmer's market..and those doughnuts...oh.my..

    you will have to take me when I visit :) xoxo

  2. such a fun weekend!! and that farmers market looks surreal. i want one just like it!!