Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wednesday little things

Yesterday was a heart breaking day. Handsome got a 4 am phone call letting us know his pa had passed away from a heart attack. It's one of those surreal moments, one of those that makes you stop and think. He spent the day telling me memories of the two of them and how great of a husband he was to his wife. All I kept thinking about was how sudden it was, how heartbroken his family must feel. I just got home from taking handsome to the airport and despite how much I will miss him the next few nights, I am so thankful that he was able to fly back home on such a short notice. 

After I fell back asleep and woke back up I checked my IG & my newsfeed was flooded with a story of a little boy who also had unexpectedly passed away after getting hit by a truck going after a frisbee. Absolutely nothing breaks my heart more than the death of a child. Maybe it's because I was already emotional, my mom lost my sister at such a young age, my best friend's passing or because now I am a mother.. but there's nothing worse. I scrolled through the mama's page and my heart was so heavy. 


Prayers, good vibes and all the support I could fathom goes out to my handsome's family as well as Jacqui and her sweet family.

The next day is never promised. You never know what may lay ahead, hug your family, tell them you love them, hold your babies a little longer, a little tighter & continue to thank God for all that you DO have.. 

I plan on enjoying ALL the little things today.
the 5am cries and morning snuggles
the clingyness
the kisses
the begging for gummy snacks
& all the craziness that comes from that little girl I just can't get enough of. 


  1. Life is so precious! Wish I could be there and give you guys a big squeeze! I'm praying for you guys & that you find peace in this hard time. love yous

  2. i just got goose bumps. because its so true. tomorrow is never promised.

    and now i just might be tearing up.

  3. Awe this is so sweet in the moments you have with your little. Praying for your hubby and his family. xos