Thursday, May 15, 2014

swimmin & sniffles

I have been waiting what seems like forevaaa to put this little coconut in a swimsuit this year. I live for sunshine, water and the beach and since the beach here is nothing like our Florida beaches I broke out the little pool for the little babe. 

The dogs thought it was a huge water bowl and Rae thoroughly enjoyed running in and out of the pool and splashing the dogs repeatedly. Smoothies we're drank and we soaked up as much sun as we could until handsome got home. This is definitely going to be a summer favorite around here, but I still want to get her in some swimming lessons. We used to take her to the YMCA in NC and she loved swimming, so now that she is older I am super excited to see how she handles it. 

I made a huge mom fail and left her in her swim suit while she ate dinner and the next morning she woke up with the case of the sniffles. That or it was the sudden change in weather, either way she is so stuffy and miserable and it breaks my mama heart. I rocked her in the rocking chair for almost an hour last night when she woke up in the middle of the night and it was heaven. I absolutely hate when she's not feeling good, but I do love when she is snuggly and I can make her feel better with a little cuddle action. 

So she has orange juice for the first time this morning and we shared some oatmeal. Hoping she feels better quickly because we're heading to the coast this weekend! 


  1. I hope she starts feeling better ASAP! And her in that "kini" is so so so cute!!

  2. I love her swimy and style shades (: she's such a doll. Enjoy your weekend xos

  3. Hope she's feeling better asap! Poor little cutie... Um, also, can you please give me some photography lessons. YOU GET THE BEST SHOTS. (It helps that your subject is so darling, but still.)

  4. aww bummer, I sure hope that OJ cured it! I think OJ cures all.