Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mini makeover

First things first: When did/do you plan on transitioning your little one to a toddler bed?
 Our tiny little girl is hiking the leg up real high and trying to climb out of the crib. Definitely one of the most frightening things to see on the monitor while your downstairs and you have to run upstairs to make sure she doesn't actually go over. For now handsome lowered her crib REAL low, like basically touching the floor low because giving her a bed with no sides is terrifying. Not because I think she will fall off but because I know she won't sleep. I would be up all night & she would be partying it up in her tent or banging on the bedroom door to get out. Either way, I'm not ready.

So in the mean time I am re doing her room! I'm surprised it's taken me this long to redecorate her room, but it took me forever to decide on a color scheme. Thankfully my moms in town because she was able to help out tremendously. She sewed a new bed skirt cover & redid the rocking chair cushions. Once I get a few more frames I'll post more pictures, but this is what has been the inspiration.

I can't wait to show you more :) & HAPPY MAY! It's officially birthday month. 


  1. We transitioned lex when she looked too close for comfort... And she did AMAZING. She was maybe 22 months? We didn't make a big deal of it- still don't. And she hasn't skipped a beat sleep wise! So don't be scared!!

  2. I am dreading the day that we transition Mia from the crib to a bed! But I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it when she tries climbing out of the crib. These kids have such crazy determination and I know as soon as she starts trying, she'll have it figured out asap!
    Can't wait to see her room when you're done!