Thursday, May 8, 2014

May goals

Wanna know a fun fact about me? I am a list lovah, I will write at least three to-do lists each day.. & if it looks messy you better believe I will re-write it. But really, if I don't have a list of things I need to do/buy/cook whatever then I'll sit around trying to do EVERYTHING at once and get all sorts of flustered. So here we go with some monthly goals (I won't bore you with my daily to-do lists because I am sure you do not care that laundry needs to be done or that I need to pull weeds out back)

\\ school
I have a month left. I can do this. My procrastination is seriously killing me right now. One minute I'm opening up my computer to whip out some essays the next I'm reading blogs & looking for our next adventure in Oregon. Ah. I can do this.

\\ budget
We're actually pretty dang good with budgeting, but this move has set us back a little. I'm trying to find a happy medium of saving and enjoying everything Oregon has to offer. 

\\ don't.kill.the.plants
Self explanatory. I love the hanging plants and I'm hoping to add more soon, but I'm waiting to see if I have a green thumb or not ;)

\\ crossfit+yoga
Handsome is rubbing off on me and I am beginning to look forward to our nightly dates in the garage. Here's to getting ONE pull-up UN-assisted by the end of May! Still loving yoga and still going to hot yoga, but due to the above mentioned budget I don't think I'll continue with it after my trial runs up. Instead I think I'm going to do yogaglo. It's $18/mo & offers more inversions/headstands. 

\\ Rae
My most important goal. always. Now that she is much more interested in books and learning I need to start doing more learning activities with her each day. I've turned on the t.v more than I'd like to admit here lately and that needs to stop. 

& because it's completely against the rules to post without a picture of this cute thing. A couple from a failed attempt of pictures outside. My neighbors probably got a good laugh of me chasing her around the entire house. 

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