Sunday, May 18, 2014

Low-key weekend

So we didn't make it to the coast this weekend. We ended up getting rain Sunday and Saturday we spent our day in Portland. We're getting really acquainted with that city, but man there is still so much to explore and see. We probably won't even see it all before we leave, but you bet your buns I'll try to.

I guess since we live in Oregon we represent the ducks now and we've been starting off our mornings visiting the ducks at the lake and she's got her "quack, quack" down pat.

We have a pretty kickass farmers market in Beaverton, but I wanted to see what Portland's had to offer. It was pretty similar, just bigger with a TON of peonies for sale which I loveeeee. I'm still hoping to make it to the peony fields ( & dahlia fields.. and the lavender fields in July)! I still can't believe I didn't come home with any, but the bouquet handsome got for me and my mom is still blooming and beautiful. I also wanted to check out their prices on grass fed meat and elk so we can grill up something special before lola leaves back to Fl. Everything about the farmers market intrigues me, I just love the atmosphere & we always get something yummy to eat/drink. This weekend it was breakfast burritos that I'm seriously craving right now.

Afterwards we went on the aerial tram in Portland where Rae was quite amused. She said "wowwwww" the WHOLE time & every one just ate it up. I can't believe how smart she is getting, it's like everything we tell her now she is soaking up. She knows her hands, feet, nose, and sometimes her ears and eyes. I just love this little girl something fierce, her and her more than normal tantrums.

Sunday was rainy, so we hit up this huge play place to get some of coconut's energy out & she loved it. For five bucks all day, plus they serve coffee, food and I think I even saw beer on the menu? We will be back. We stopped by REI unexpectedly and lucky us their anniversary sale was going on. Top 5 fav stores right here.. I just want to own one of everything, but we ended up coming home with one of these bad boys.

Summer hiking/camping/exploring adventures with these babes is going to be THE best. Rae loves being in her Ergo, but the Osprey lets her sit much higher and is just overall way more suitable to both our needs esp. for hiking long distances with a babe.

Pouring myself a glass of Moscato, grabbing a slice of cheesecake and starting some homework...

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