Thursday, May 29, 2014

lesson learned

don't leave the house before Rae has had her nap.
Sounds crazy right? Plan your day around her nap? Yepp. That's typically what we do around here unless we have something planned far away enough for her to actually get her nap in the car. Because today, today I figured "oh what the heck she slept in a little longer than normal I'll go ahead and do some errands, maybe a little shopping with just us girls & my mom and we'll grab some lunch!"

It's been a steady two hours of trying to get her to sleep and I am pretty sure were going sans nap today. Besides todays fiasco she has been taking one nap in the mornings around 10:30 from anywhere between an hour and a half to almost three hours. LOVING the long naps! So instead of being frustrated I'm finishing up this post, grabbing the babe and hoping she is not a grump the rest of the day. At least this morning I got some serious cuddle time with Rae that rarely ever happens anymore.

She woke up at 6am as usual and because I am NOT a morning person, I bring her in bed with me to try and sleep some more. Which usually lasts ten minutes and we're going downstairs. This morning was different. I could hear handsome getting ready in the bathroom and next thing I know Rae is cuddled up around my neck and it's almost 7:30. Loved every second of it.

& since this is an already random post let's talk about how much Rae loved smelling the roses at the Rose Garden in Portland this past Monday.

Roses are my mom's favorite so it was a must that we went back to see them in full bloom. It smelled heavenly out there & there were so many different kinds of roses. 

Afterwards we stopped by Salt & Straw, a local ice cream shop in Portland that uses all natural dairy with local, organic ingredients that are handpicked from farms nearby.

The line wasn't crazy long, but we did have to wait a good twenty minutes. It was worth it though, the flavors were so good, all I could hear from the back seat was "more, more" so I'm pretty sure Rae ate more ice cream than my mom.

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  1. mmm ice cream. haha lesson learned, nap time is sacred around here! I flat out refuse to mess with nap time. Love the roses. So sweet you got some morning snuggles. I've never even tried to grab Aria and go back to bed in my bed, I'm pretty sure that would have a 0% success rate!