Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on F R I D A Y

Finally, Friday! This week was a somber one with unfortunate news and dreary weather. Good thing the sun is coming out, handsome comes home tomorrow and its mothers day/my birthday weekend!

I can't get over how cute this picture is. Having Lola around is pretty spectacular, the filipino cooking, the extra set of hands, the fact that I was able to take a two hour nap while she watched Rae. I'm taking that as a mother's day present because thats truly what all us mama's really want/need.

she also a pretty dang good sewer. Rainy weather = lola whippin' up an oh-so cute dress for Rae to rock on Sunday. This also happens to be the same fabric as her new bed skirt and overall theme of Rae's new big girl room which I have yet to 100% complete. 

Handsome comes back tomorrow night & I'm so ready to give him a big squeeze! & I'm 100% sure Raelyn is going to squeal with excitement when she gets to wake up to him the next morning. You should see her when he sends us video's, she starts dancing and kissing the phone. THE cutest. We're pretty crazy over our favorite guy. 

The other night was also the first night she brought her baby to bed with her. She has a new found love for her baby and kitties. Most mornings she tries to share her breakfast with them and I even catch her giving them random kisses throughout the day, i melt.

 In other news, molars AND I teeth are coming in and has made for some unpleasant nights for the babe. I loathe teething just like any other parent I'm sure, tell me mama's does it stop after the I teeth or do 2 yr molars come soon after?!

Happy Friday! 


  1. I love the dress, soak up those skills too(; Can't wait to see the final product! have a blessed birthday and mother's day (: ps I need naps too and I'm not even a mother yet lol

  2. Lex Wants that dress too!! It's SO CUTE!! And we're smack in the middle of getting all 4 of our 2yr old molars. And we didn't even know lex was teething (she's the worst tether ever)! So they haven't been AS bad as all her other ones!