Friday, May 23, 2014

five on F R I D A Y

Starting off our morning watching Beauty & the Beast for the first time 

and it's safe to say Rae is loving it and wondering why her cups and dishes don't sing and dance to her. Teddi... not amused.

with a plethora of parks and the sun shine we have been going to different ones each day after nap time. With clingyness and wanting to be held all day long this gives her and me a break! 

I. DIE. 
lola turned on the sprinkler and filled up the pool and her afternoon was MADE.

alllll the babies. The dogs may whine and want in and out a million times a day, but they are SO good with Rae. She will pull, bite and crawl all over them and they just take it. She steals their bones and eats their dog food and they are still sweet with her. So after dinner we took the whole family out for a walk to see the ducks.

Jellies. Our new favorite pair of shoes. We love them so much that we're planning on going back for more.. just as long as no dirt gets in between her toes. 

I have no idea if that was five, but I'm ready to celebrate the fact that handsome has a four day weekend & hoping we get to explore somewhere magical. 

Happy Friday babes!

A special remembrance to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom and to the men, women and other service members defending out nation at home and abroad. We have a friend from high school who was the most genuine soul and we are thinking of him this weekend. RIP Matthew Colin


  1. i mean the cuteness! and amen for dog and baby friend duos! i just love those relationships!

  2. the picture with her and her pups in the car cracks me up!! and i LOVE her sweet summer dress!!!