Friday, May 16, 2014

five on F R I D A Y

This weekend we had big plans to head to the Oregon coast to see haystack rock and it was going to be eighty degrees, sunny and fabulous! Come to find out, I based our weekend plans around what the weather was supposed to be like in Canon, Spain. Oh how I wish that's where we were going to be spending our weekend.. so it was a big bummer to look and see that it is supposed to rain all weekend on the coast. LAME.

Another depressing thing.. The Vampire Diaries season finale. Oh, you don't watch it? well you totally should, even though it is a silly teenage tv show. Nina Dobrev is extremely gorgeous.. not to mention the other cast members. And I'm not even caught up on Grey's Anatomy but all the spoilers have already broke my little heart. 

Okay onto the fun stuff! We've been to several parks this week and Rae's absolute favorite is seeing the ducks. She will "quack, quack" and point at every single one and then wave bye to them as we walk away.. THE cutest. I also stumbled upon this gorgeous weeping willow next to the lake & fountains that will definitely be a picnic spot in the near future. 

& these painted tootsies! They are still my favorite.

I don't know if that's five or not, but I have a sleepy little babe to put down! 
happy friday loves!


  1. Aria loves going to see the ducks! She won't throw any bread to them yet though. We have pink tootsies here too. Painted little girl toes are just one of the cutest things in the world.

  2. I would like some Spain weather right about now too! Love those cute little painted piggies though! :)