Friday, May 2, 2014

five on F R I D A Y

Some how watching Frozen has become a daily thing, it seems to be the only time I can get some school done or dinner actually cooked at a decent time. Which leaves me singing frozen songs I'm determined to not put that movie on all weekend. Thanks again to the ladies of this link-up!

Handsome is building a fire pit in the back yard so hopefully this weekend means grilled food, a tasty cocktail (or two!) and green smoothie pops for the mini.

A dad and his daughter will always melt my heart, but these two.. they bring tears to my eyes almost on a daily basis. So much love between these two and so, so much laughter. I am really enjoying being able to spend time with him in the mornings and having him home every night. 

Since my mom's in town we've been able to workout more and while Rae is awake because she can keep an eye on her. The other day we did a killer workout & I was finally able to do pull ups (assisted of course) it feels so good to be on a somewhat schedule of working out. We've also switched to sun warrior protein, it's a raw/vegan protein and basically just overall better than what we used to use. The first one we tried tasted like cardboard so we exchanged for a different kind, this one wasn't nearly as bad but I do think I'll try it with almond milk instead of water since I'm not used to plan based protein yet. If only I could get myself out of bed early then we could be even more consistent and get our workouts done before Rae is awake... but this girl is grumpy if I'm up too early. Just ask handsome. I've done something to my right knee and it's been really uncomfortable the past two days so hopefully it goes away soon. Until then, yoga it is.. although I may try and sneak in a little workout tonight.

I've been working on some dream catchers for coconut's room and I am in loveeeee. This one still isn't finished and has taken way too long to finish, but it beats spending 30+ on one. There will be a total of three that will hang above her crib. 

and we just wrapped up the cutest gift to send out to one well deserved momma! I asked my lovely friend, Erin at helloerin what she thought about a mama gift exchange for Mother's day and she was completely on board. I invited a few other beautiful mama's and there will be a little trade of gifts coming soon. Rae and I hit up some of our favorite stores and we are SO excited to mail our package out today. Mother's day has always been one of my favorite holidays and I'm double lucky this year because my mom's in town AND it's my birthday on the same day. I'll be expecting double the cake ;) 

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  1. hello gorgeous sun-catcher. i can't wait to see all 3 hanging above her bed!! happy friday!