Thursday, May 29, 2014

F R I D A Y + a giveaway!

Our honeysuckle is in full bloom and I am loving being able to open up the huge window in the living room to smell it. It covers nearly all of the side of the fence and has both white and yellow flowers. Drinking coffee outside has become a morning routine with my mom, Rae and I.

Acai bowls are also a new morning favorite
1 packet of frozen acai smoothie, ½ banana, a little more than ½ cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk >> blend. Topped with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, banana, granola & chia seeds.
SO good and it's much better than making overnight oats over and over again. Bonus, Rae approves!

Rae definitely knows the word "more". In my pre-mom moments I always said I'd never let my kids watch tv. I grew up rarely watching tv, in fact we didn't have real cable until I was almost 18. We made it a solid year with only baby signing time playing every now and then and then school happened. Two more weeks ladies and then it's a glass of wine or two to celebrate! So now Frozen plays once a day in our house or Doc McStuffins just so I can whip out some school work. I'm not  going to beat myself up over it because she's happy and it's maybe an hour each day if that.  

and to go along with "more" is her new found love of gummy bears, sunflower seeds and animal crackers. You can bet her gummy bear limit is three & because someone has to open her sunflower seeds that's pretty limited too. Animal crackers.. she just has to fight handsome for those. I'm still not sure if I buy the gummy snacks & animal crackers for Rae or handsome. 

aaaannndddd the giveaway!
Kaylee at Sassy Bow Co. was ever so kind to send us over the prettiest bow for Rae. She's just starting out, but if you go and check out her site there is a ton of pretties that would be prefect for your little babe.

that clip + that top knot + those baby curls = l o v e 

This strawberry bow is going to be PERFECT for when we go berry picking! I love that Kaylee gives the option to get her head bands as clips too because that is the only way Rae will wear anything in her hair. 

Now it's your turn to win a headband/clip of your choice! Check out her store at


  1. That bow is SO CUTE!! And I would fully have coffee outside if my view was that GORG! I love it. Happy Friday!

  2. I would like any of the bows in size 3-6 months they are too cute to choose just one :)

  3. I love her face in the second from the bottom pic! She is soooo cute with that bow, my gosh. That morning routine sounds so good. We go out most mornings but you can already feel the muggy hot summer mornings starting to come on, ick. Afternoons will be miserable soon. Good thing there are pools and hoses. Frozen is almost daily here too. That is the only way I can ever make food. She doesn't watch more than an hour of it either, so it just enough to whip up or prep dinner and I think a little TV is fine when it results in being able to eat daily =)

  4. Mmmm...that acai bowl looks delicious!! And I totally agree--you can't beat yourself up about a little TV time each day. Sometimes my philosophy is "whatever works!" ;) Plus, Frozen is so good!! Ha!

  5. I love the bows! She does amazing!!