Monday, May 12, 2014

Double the fun!

It doesn't happen very often that I get to celebrate Mother's day & my birthday on the same day, but you can bet that handsome really knew how to make a girl feel special and to top it off my mom is still in town. 

I guess Rae knew it was a celebratory week because she has been bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 this whole week. Thankfully handsome got up with her and I got to sleep in another hour or so. the ultimate gift. ever. 
I could hear my little babe shouting "ma! mama! ma!" from my bedroom so I got up and came down to flowers and handsome cooking breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon & heart shaped pancakes with strawberries. I got a ton of hugs and kisses and couldn't help but feel so blessed to be a mama and having my mom here. I even made it to yoga at lulu which has been my favorite practice yet. It was a yoga/pilates/barre mixture and it was so much fun. 

I'm also convinced I have the sweetest and most thoughtful friends ever. Last week I received a gift card to lululemon from my hilarious, witty, beautiful and generous best friend and spent it on the most amazing pants & a new sports bra.. I'll be living out the rest of my days in this outfit. I also got the yummiest smelling candle, plug-in air freshener & Rae's new fav chap stick from my gorgeous Sydney. I was so excited to see that she picked out the butterfly as the plug because ever since the passing of one of our best friends, anytime I see butterflies it makes me think it's her visiting me. 

We headed out to Portland to the rose garden and just my luck the roses weren't in bloom yet. So we walked around, Rae tried to run through the rose bushes just like the tulips and quickly learned that these flowers have thorns and then headed to an early dinner. 

My mom picked me up the prettiest plant the other day for my birthday. & Rae rocked the dress her lola made her all day. Is it not THE cutest dress?! I've been pom pom obsessed so I was really excited to see them on her. Yesterday was really the best.. a sunny day spent with my family was all I really needed. 

Happy to see everyone else Mama's day was just as fabulous!


  1. Happy birthday, girlie! Looks like such a great weekend/celebration! xo

  2. awww your words are so sweet! It looks like you had a beautiful day! The flowers out there are to die for and Lola needs to make more outfits for Rae! They are adorable! Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Best weekend ever!! I love all the pictures!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love all of the pictures of your sweet family!