Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boho room for the babe.

There may be downfalls to moving every three to four years, but it also means I get to redecorate and new houses! By the time we're actually in our forever home I will most definitely know what I want and don't want. Rae's room was top priority (as always) and I knew that I wanted something less baby, but on a budget because I know I'm going to want to mix it up a little again once she is in a toddler bed.

I wanted a boho vibe & it these dream catchers along with the new bedskirt my mom made were the muse of the room. 

I LOVE how these turned out. It took quite some time, especially that middle one because I wrapped the whole hoop in yarn or whatever string it was, I forget the name now. I followed some directions via Pinterest and kind of made it up as I went with left over ribbons and lace that I already had. All I really had to buy was the string/yarn? feathers, gold paint and the embroidery hoops. It sure beat spending $30+ on each dream catcher on Etsy. 

I have a love and dislike the white walls all at the same time. I really love how clean white walls look, especially in a kitchen but they dream catchers sort of get lost in the wall. Regardless I still love how everything turned out.

& a picture of this babe because I couldn't get a great picture of the bedskirt. We lowered her mattress basically on the ground because she started trying to climb out and we aren't quite ready to move her into a toddler or twin bed.

My mom sewed the pom poms around the rocking chair cushions and i.am.obsessed. I just want to pom pom everything in our house.. our bedroom is next ;) I made a few more crepe paper flowers to hang and eventually I will get around to hanging more pictures. 

I have my eye on a new rug, but for now this one will work just fine. The dogs play in her room each night while she's getting ready for bed time & dog hair just won't look good on a white/cream rug that I'm looking for. 

The "we love you with our whole heart for your whole life" canvas I painted from her nursery is still my favorite thing about her room and I hope it's something she wants to keep forever in rooms to come. 


  1. Love it! you're so crafty and she's getting so BIG! look at her in that rocking chair almost rocking herself. hehe xos

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I would be honored if you
    would follow my journey
    with Huntington's Disease.

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! seriously. nailed it :)

  4. so CUTE! it is perfect & i love the pom poms on the chair so much!

  5. Love love love!!! Love the dreamcatcher and the ribbons and feathers. I'm trying to find a unique mobile for Mim's room and this might just be the perfect thing!

  6. I love the dreamcatchers! Love! And, the wall art you made is perfect. I hope she does want that as she grows too.