Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tillamook & earth day.

Saturday morning we packed some snacks and headed thirty/forty minutes towards the coast to Tillamook State Forest. I still can't get over the scenery and all the trees here. I've grown up with nothing but pine trees, so this has been such a nice change. Handsome sold his blazer and we joined the jeep club, ever since them he's been itching to take it out and play. Poor thing didn't do half of what he could've (probably because Rae and I were there) but we really had a good time. Rae slept the first half and the other half she kept shrieking "water, water" because it was raining on and off. She even got to drive a little bit which I'm sure totally made her day. That and all the cranberries and bunnies she kept eating. I can guarantee we will be back and hopefully even to camp for a night or two once it stays warmer than sixty degree's over night. 

I kind of love earth day. I think it goes back to elementary school when you got to go on awesome field trips and would do a ton of crafts.. so of course I had to do something special today. Rae and I went to lowes and came back with a few hanging plants for the house and some other potted plants. I am way too thrilled with how it looks in the house that I just might go and get a few more for around the front door. Both my mom and dad have green thumbs, so hopefully it's in my blood too. 

There's so much you can do to help our earth. Paperless billing, recycling, using towels instead of paper towels, supporting local farmers markets, unplugging cords that aren't in use... mother nature will take care of you, if you take care of her. 
happy earth day!


  1. These are such gorgeous pictures!! And your man has mad driving skills!

  2. Can't believe you can do that yoga in those jeans!! lol go girl (: