Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday madness

I really can't complain too much that it's Monday. After all Rae slept in until 9:00 this morning, which means so did mama. I would kill for mornings like this on the reg. but then maybe not because I actually get more done with her normal wake up of around 6:30-7. 

Our weekend was sunny and I actually had two photo shoots on Sunday, one being a sweet newborn... baby fever is real guys. Most of the time when handsome and I talk about a second baby it goes in two directions. We just love Rae so much and don't ever want to take away from her and two being that it would be terrifying. 

Her smile is the absolute best. 
While Rae ran around, we worked on our handstands.. thankfully handsome has been my instructor and has been making me do crossfit with him either during Rae's nap time or after we've put her down for the night. Working out together is my favorite, he scales things down for me and it's so nice to have the extra energy and see myself (slowly) progressing. After all it has been over a year since I have done any form of any real exercise #oops
Once we get a schedule figured out I'm also going to start going to yoga on the weekends, too. Flexibility is important to me and I really think I will enjoy going to an actual class. Plus, once I feel more comfortable with it I want to do SUP yoga. It's basically yoga on a paddle board.. how freaking awesome is that? 

Back to homework.
& maybe even a little Trader Joe's action when my little awakes. 

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