Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's the Little Things [adventuring]

Gorgeous isn't it? That's Mt. Hood from our street.. if there is one thing we have really fallen in love with since we've been here it's the scenery.

We've found two really great trails near our house, one being extremely hilly and the other leading to the park. We usually go with route B, Rae is a big fan of the park and so am I because it gets all her crazy toddler energy out. We have a much smaller yard that what we had in NC so having places to take Rae and the dogs is ah-mazing, because lets face it.. I can only pick up tupperware and dog food so many times a day. 

The dog park is new to us too. So far we've learned that we really need to bring our own tennis ball and that our dogs are extremely weird. No socialization skills whatsoever... but it really tires them out and they end up sleeping the rest of the day. Which means we get to try some new places for lunch! Sushi boat was the shit. I mean, sushi on little boats that circle us on a little river? DONE. We tried so many different types of sushi and ended up spending the same amount of money we normally would while having so much more. Raelyn was entertained by the moving sushi boats and chopsticks. Good thing we were in our own little corner because I brought pizza to our sushi joint, which is probably breaking some kind of rule. She did enjoy the rice from the sushi which is a win in my book. 

We're really enjoying life in Oregon so far and loving all the sunshine and warmth that is coming our way. We are missing all our family though! So different being so far away from everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for a little fifteen month update on my little babe. So many changes and so much more fun :)


  1. That flower crown just might be the cutest thing ever...

  2. It looks GORGEOUS there! I am so happy that you guys are finding your way, and enjoying getting to know the place.

  3. I'm in love with the third pic down - perfection! Love the sushi floating by, that is neat! Love the flower headband.