Thursday, April 17, 2014

fifteen months.

I have been terrible at documenting her monthly changes & adventuring on the blog. We keep a journal for Rae that we write in every day or so and it's so much more personal since it's from both handsome and I. I looked at the calendar the other day and about pee'd my pants. My little coconut is 15 months? Say what?

Food// Some days she really impresses me with her appetite and what she eats. Like the other day she ate pesto pasta with veggies, this morning she shared (my) chia seed pudding/fruit thing? and we even got her to eat spaghetti squash with more veggies. There is no doubt that this girl loves pasta, but cranberries, raisins, grapes and eggs are also at the top of her list. She holds the award for drinking the most water in the house as well. I have been slacking big time on my water drinking and its the only thing baby girl will drink.. still figuring out a way to get her to drink milk.. 

Words// The other day I actually questioned if she was talking enough. Fast forward a few days later and it's like she picked up a whole new vocabulary! Water, Teddi (the dog), go!, ba (banana), ball and kitty are all her latest and greatest words. I love watching her try to mimic us when we talk or when a song comes on.

Speaking of songs, girl has some killer dance moves. It's such a treat to turn on some music and watch her wiggle and dance around. She even gets a little shy at points and makes the cutest face and then proceeds to try and hide her smile (just like her dad). 

Activities// Driving with dad is her new found fav. thing to do. He will ask her if she wants to go drive and she is at the garage door trying to open it.. which is also terrifying that she can even reach the door handles now. Stairs are new to us and anytime we say let's go up she runs down the hall and tries to pry through the baby gate. Brushing her teeth, helping put clothes from the washer into the dryer, bringing books for us to read and putting on her shoes are also at the top of her list.

Not so fav things// When we tell her no don't eat the dog food or stomp in the water bowl. Seriously, it's melt down city when that happens. Not having her own spoon or fork BEFORE her plate is set down will also get you mini meltdown... #toddlerprobz

Typical Rae// screaming "byeeeeeee" to anyone and everyone when were leaving the store, stomping her feet like she's tap dancing, squating while were working out and playing peek a boo are some signature moves of hers. 

I am cherishing the fact that as soon as she wakes up she will cuddle with me. I almost never get to hug and love on her because she wiggles her way out and has much more important things to do than love on mom. Some days I really miss how little she was and that newborn baby smell, but nothing beats the age where she's at now. Interacting, laughing and playing with her is just too much fun. I can't get over how much bigger she's gotten in the past month or so. Her legs look longer, she's losing some of her baby weight (still has her mama's cheeks though, sorry sista!) even her hair looks so long when we wash it at night.
 I love you, Raelyn. With my whole heart, for my whole life. 

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