Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Day

This post was totally meant for yesterday, but I didn't do my homework like I was supposed to so this mama was up until midnight writing essays. I loathe school.. just ask my husband. He hears me say it no less than ten times a day. 

Throwing it back to Easter 2013 because I love this picture. She had the prettiest blue eyes that have turned into an even prettier hazel-ish color. 

I forgot to take pictures of Raelyn's Easter basket.. okay no I did, but they turned out dark and crappy so lets go with me just forgetting. She got this awesome camelbak from Target, I'm starting to think I have a water bottle obsession. Between her and I both we have at least fifteen. Keen shoes, gummies (pretty sure handsome and I ate most of them..) and a few other little things made up her Easter basket. I'll be more proactive with it next year since I know she will understand a little more about what Easter is about.

Eggs have been a hit around here lately and when I saw this on Pinterest I knew it was the perfect Easter breakfast. Rae has quite the appetite in the morning so I always try and make something more nutritional since we're on a huge pasta kick right now. Luckily the girl loves her fruit/veggies too otherwise I'd be a bit more concerned. 

Since were new to the area we didn't have a specific church we knew that we'd be going to. So the night before I looked at ones near us and settled on one that looked like it would be a good match for us. We drove there the next day and it was an all spanish church, you would think that would've been posted somewhere on their website? Or maybe it was and I just did not see it. Absolutely nothing wrong with spanish church.. but we did want to be able to understand Easter service. We drove back towards our house and right down the road from our house is where we ended up at. 

We saw that they had free childcare while the service was going on and we decided we would give it a go since Rae can be a wiggly little thing to contain. It was our first time ever leaving her with anyone else besides family and to say that we were sad/nervous/hesitant is an understatement. I think both handsome and I had tears in our eyes when we had to hand her over. We even stared at her through the door to see how she was going to react... and maybe even checked on her twice during the service. It was a successful first time, no tears were shed and I was so excited to go and pick her back up once we were done. Super proud of all three of us. 

We went back home, ate some lunch, took a nap and relaxed for a few hours before taking the dogs to the dog park. I can't get over how big she looks in the picture below. Those two are more beautiful than I can put to words. So blessed to be her mama and his bestwifefriend.

Later we ended up at a different park. No lie, there are parks everywhere here people.. we kind of love it (and so does Rae). She was hilarious running up and down the hills and trying to pop the bubbles by biting them. It was a perfect Easter day and the end of an even better weekend. 


  1. Her hair is so cute in that throwback.

    Looove the pinterest egg chick. Clever, and easy. My fave! Funny that you ended up at a Spanish church, was the name in English? Wow she did so awesome for being handed over for the first time. I would be very nervous too. Aria has just recently started getting very annoyed if I am out of sight. I went to say hi to the neighbor's dog and she couldn't figure out how to follow me and had a little meltdown until dad showed her how to get to me and she ran to me crying. Melt my heart.
    The bubble popping/eating is hilarious! So much fun!

  2. Oh goodness! I am dying over the picture of biting the bubbles! && where she laying in the grass! She is getting so big and so dang cute!! Your Easter breakfast was adorable, too!! I miss my fruit fam! Glad you had a good Easter!

    p.s. i HAVE to hear more about your Spanish church mix up.. lol