Sunday, March 9, 2014

the best weekend.

" Can I get two vanilla latte's, please?"

I've never been more excited about ordering two coffee's. I could barely sleep Friday night and woke up Saturday morning counting down the minutes the mister was going to be landing. Rae and I super cleaned the house, baked some cupcakes (duh), pre made some DELISH dinner that I plan on sharing in another post and rushed out the door.

We actually got into town too early so we stopped at the farmers market, which was not as great as I was hoping & then picked up some coffee. I was a little nervous as to how Raelyn would act when she saw Pumpkin, just because when she gets around new people she will act a little shy until she warms up to you.. usually by sharing her snacks with you. 

She saw him, put her hands out for her and then snuggled her little head on his shoulder. You could tell she was a little taken back.. probably because she's was so used to seeing him on FaceTime, but five minutes later she was good. All she wanted was for him to hold her. So stinkin cute. We are both so happy to have our favorite home.


  1. oh man, eyes are getting watery over here. The pic with her little head resting on his shoulder...priceless! I can't even imagine your excitement to have him back home.

  2. Awwww, I am so happy that he is back for you guys!!

  3. He's home!!!! I swear this is the sweetest ever!!

  4. Omg! This is such an awesome post! I'm so happy for you guys!! Rae is adorable and these pictures are the sweetest :) It's so great that he's home and with you guys now!! :) Thank you for sharing this. Seriously getting a bit teary...!

  5. I don't know what is more adorable, seeing ya'lls smitten excited faces, thinking about Rae and I sharing mommy's healthy snacks, Rae's kisses, or those CUTTTEEE moscs and skinnies!?!?!?!