Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peace out, NC!

We're leaving at approx 12:30ish today, just before Rae's nap time and starting on our long, crazy, dumb, yet very exciting drive to Oregon.

Why didn't we just fly you ask? Trust me when I say that we scoped out every.single.possible route NOT to drive, but it came down to the dang dogs (again). Apparently boxers can't fly and there's no such thing as dog drivers.. someone get on that because I would have paid good money for someone else to drive across country so we could fly. Minus the fact that no one really likes traveling that long, Raelyn hates the car seat so I'm hoping she has a quick change of heart.

This little town will always hold a special place in my heart because it's where our marriage started, where we became a family, where handsome and I grew so much closer as a couple and where our faith has grown as well. Goldsboro was first pick on our list coming from Germany and even though it wasn't as great as we expected, we were able to spend time with handsome's family that was less than two hours away, made some really great friends and made some pretty remarkable memories while we were here. 

our first home.
 (really the first for a lot of our relationship because we started dating while handsome was still stationed in Germany)

our first pup.

my first ultrasound job (for .5 seconds because I was driving all over NC)

the second pup.

mornings spent like this.

and nights spent like this.

anniversaries in the mountains.

canoe trips.

the best new EVER.

our little lady.

the best sunday ever.

family love.

little coconut.

So many memories that we made in this little town and so many more to make in our next adventure. There are little things I will miss like

// the dog that's always laying on his dog house outside the Wilson exit (that in the three years we've been here Pumpkin has yet to see)

// the cows that we pass by in our neighborhood & the goats on the way to walmart

// kickin kiwi. I'm pretty sure there isn't another froyo place that will win my heart over. This place was owned by a local church and had the best atmosphere and the best froyo. 


  1. Long long long journey!!! Seriously!!! And I love all the memories you made- and think of these new adventures you're about to embark on. Pretty sure a 2 day drive is a memory you won't forget ;)

  2. This post is going to make me CRY! :(
    Goodness, you two parents look like youngens in those pictures! AND i see your Florida tan! :)
    I love you guys! Goodbye, Goldsboro! Hello Oregon! Can't wait to visit!

  3. Awww. It is so hard to make a move like that. But it can be so fun to start over fresh too. I hope the drive goes as smoothly as it can. We made the 18 hour drive with Sydney and our 4 year old pitbull two years ago to move from Georgia to Wisconsin and it was tiring, but not too bad. Make plenty of stops to stretch and potty. Play lots of fun music for her, and lots of snacks!

  4. Oh I am not envious of your trip at all! But I hope it is going well and there aren't too many tantrums!! Looking forward to seeing the new adventures! xx