Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's the Little Things [Week Seven]

HUGE thank you to Jess & Ashley for this link-up. I actually won last week's giveaway and I am thrilled :) I was just thinking this blog needed a make over and now the lovely Chelsea over at Bella Lulu Ink will be able to help me out! Thank you!

Today we went and saw our favorite for lunch at the fire station. It's crazy to think that that was probably our last time there. She was so used to going there every other night for dinner to see Pumpkin and now that chapter of our lives is coming to a close. Lots of fun memories in his bunk room, but we're excited to visit his new office all to himself :)

So with this probably being the last time at the station, we said bye to the fire trucks and made our way back home to watch Frozen. Which by the way, I am probably more excited to watch than Raelyn. Who I assume will watch the first ten minutes of then go down for a nap. 

The past few days have been nothing short of a dream. Having our favorite back home means so many more giggles, coffee dates in the morning, more play time outside and a lot more kisses! We missed him an extreme amount and all of those little things make my heart so happy. Not to mention he can now put her to bed and get up with her in the middle of the night ;) extra sleep = happy mama. Thanks, babe!

With the little bit of extra time each night I have been working on making camera straps. I made one for myself and I loveeee it. I'm getting more and more comfortable with my sewing machine and it's fun to be able to make things myself rather than buying them. I've even made a few skirts for Rae, one of which she'll be rockin for St. Patrick's Day. I can't decide if I want to open up an Etsy shop or not, but if I do it'll have to wait until after our big move to Oregon, because the movers come next Monday and their taking my sewing machine. 

This is all I have made for now, but you can comment or email me if you see something you like :) karratipton@gmail 


  1. I say you should definitely open one! Those look great!! And I love that you guys go to visit him for lunch! Too sweet!

  2. ooh. loving those straps!! they're adorns. . . i'm a chance taker and never ever use a strap. even after my husband dropped my camera and my lens baby was sent to the canon hospital for like 4 months. and lex would be SO JEALOUS of the fire station-age. all she can talk about is riding on a fire truck!

  3. That would be exciting to open an etsy shop!! I would if I knew how to make anything! haha. How did she like Frozen? We are currently obsessed with the songs at our house.

  4. It is always SO nice to have Daddy home! I love my alone time with Owen during the week, but I always look forward to the time we get to spend as a family on the weekend. I get more "free" time to get things done around the house and O gets to play with Daddy :) Win-win-win!

  5. Her & that bean bag! She's the cutest & so are those straps!!

  6. Those straps definitely look pretty pretty. I can't sew to save my life, but I bet it is awesome being able to DIY some things. I think you should look into an etsy shop after the move for sure.