Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on F R I D A Y

I honestly didn't even know it was Friday until we checked into the hotel and opened up my computer to read all my fav ladies' blogs. We're on day four of our five day adventure and SO READY to be in Beaverton.

The longest drive was yesterday.. almost 800 miles through Nebraska on one interstate, no turns with NOTHING to look at.

Today on the other hand.

We're from Florida and although I LOVE the white sandy beaches, these mountain views were breathtaking. 360 degree snow top mountain views, rolling hills and rocks everywhereeee... we we're freaking out in the car. I have a ton of pictures on my big girl camera but I'm too lazy to upload them.

I just might give this girl a cookie,  an ice cream cone or whatever her little heart desires because she totally rocked on this trip. I can't even tell you how many prayers went up to the big guy for our safety on this trip, but for Rae's (mores our) sanity.

These poor pups.. they are probably so confused. I can only imagine how they are going to react in the new house.

& this handsome guy. He deserves a cookie, too. The past two days he has driven the whole way and not complained one bit. love this man.

While we were driving Chelsea from Bella LuLu Ink revamped my blog for me from the giveaway I won from the It's the Little Things series going on. I am in love. 

I'll officially be an Oregonian tomorrow!

& if we get a house this weekend you KNOW a bottle of wine or something will be called for in celebration of making it through this trip. 


  1. GOOD LUCK! Your blog is so cute! So glad you told me what it is on instagram! we are moving this weekend too. but only like 15 minutes away. haha. :)

  2. I've been thinking about you guys! I'm SO glad the trip is going well... And you're all surviving! And yay blog revamp!! LOVE!!

  3. I'm so glad the trip is going so well! I know you will be so happy when you finally get there!
    Ps- I love the new design!

  4. I'm glad y'all's trip is going well and little Miss Rae is doing well. Can't wait to see pics when y'all get to Oregon!

  5. So glad you guys have had a safe trip & that you've got the blog to write about it! Can't wait to read about the adventures you'll have in Oregon!

  6. Safe and Sound! Hurry up and get settled in Oregon, so we can get this show on the road!