Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just what I needed

It's been a challenging few weeks. With traveling, to staying in three different houses visiting family, both of us feeling under the weather, double the school and our handsome being away there have been some overwhelming moments. Sometime it's hard to see past those moments. Ten minutes of crying feels like an eternity and the non-stop pulling at your legs lasts decades. Hearing (and knowing) it won't last forever doesn't really matter because it feels impossible to see past today. Then the sadness and guilt overwhelms our hearts, because it is just a moment. Just a time where our little ones need special attention, need to be held and want to be your only obligation.

I loved every bit of THIS post from Scissortailsilk, it spoke straight to my heart.
Being a mom is hard, any mom who says differently is lying. But I wouldn't trade anything in this whole world for it. I have always wanted to be a mom and to have Raelyn is so much more rewarding than I could ever describe.

The past few days have been just what I needed. Girl time, our time. I've caught up with school, found out I can actually graduate earlier than expected, the weather's been decent and we've slipped back into our normal routine. We're so SO thankful for our time with family and for letting us stay with them the past month or so, but it has been so nice to be back in our home (and in our beds!)


  1. Shes so stinking cuteeee!

  2. she is seriously the cutest! so glad you had your much needed girl time!

  3. Your little girl is just adorable!! Aren't they so fun at this age??