Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's the Little Things [Snow & Family]

Wasn't I just at the beach last link-up? Please take me back. Haha.. since then I have made my way back to North Carolina just in time for all this snow! It started early yesterday morning and just kept coming down. I think we got around eight inches. 

Rae has had some special time with her family here in NC and it makes my heart happy to see her so playful and happy. She has been a complete HAM lately and it is hilarious. That little one has a personality on her. Were currently at his side of the family's house and soaking in as much time as we can with them before we move next month. How adorable are all four dogs playing out in the snow yesterday amidst the snowball fight?

I wish so much that her dad was home to have enjoyed the snow with all of us yesterday. We're halfway through this seven weeks and I cannot tell you how excited I am to have our trio back together.
Thank you to Jess and Ashley for this link-up! I love reading everyone's special little moments each week. Happy Wednesday, ladies!


  1. She is too adorable & how exciting that you will be reunited soon!!! Yay for all three of you!!

  2. stopping by from the link up: she is so cute in her winter coat bundled up hugging the snow man!

  3. oh please let me do a shoot of her lol

  4. She is a doll and I love her outfit! So fun!


  5. Visiting from the link up. Love the snow photos.

  6. Such a cutie love her coat!! Looks like she had fun.