Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on F R I D A Y

My first ever Five on Friday with the lovely ladies behind this: The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures , Carolina Charm & Hello!Happiness!
Basically it's just five fun things on your mind that you'd like to share. I'm in.


Fruit infused water is making it's way into my life lately and it just makes me more anxious for spring.


Look at all those rose buds. Makes me sad we're moving and I won't be able to plant anything here, BUT that just means I can at the new house (if we can find a house.. sigh)


At Rae's one year appt. yesterday I told our ped. that she doesn't drink milk or juice.. basically just water and thankfully she said that was perfectly fine, as long as she eats enough yogurt and fruit. If our little coconut had it her way, that's all she would eat. 


Whoops. You see, my hunk of a husband has been working out daily since he's been gone.. Me? Well, donuts happened. 


EIGHT DAYS until handsome is home!!!! Say a little prayer that a seat opens up and we can change that eight to a seven!


  1. She's such a doll, love reading your posts!! Saying a sweet prayer for you that hubby makes it home safe and only 7 days away ;)


  2. awww you and stef are the cutest little fruit fam EVER!