Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Camera Strap DIY

I actually impressed myself with this one.

It turned out JUST the way I envisioned it. I have been on Pinterest trying to figure out how to make my own camera strap because all the ones I want are in the $60-$120 range. Sorry, but that is just not in my budget right now ever. This cost a total of $14 and I still have a ton of fabric left over from Joann's. 

My little helper stood by my side almost the whole time and would pat my legs every time the machine was running. A big thanks to my MIL for my sewing machine. She got it for me two, maybe three Christmas' ago and I have made some cute things from it so far.  I'm by no means great at sewing.. probably not even good haha, you should see me try to sew a straight line. I am TERRIFIED that this won't hold and my camera will drop so I kept sewing (stitching)? idk.. the part that hold the hardware so nothing slips out, it looks hilarious up close.
The little leather pieces were actually recycled from an old purse, so that was no cost and the hardware was $1.99 at Joanns.

The fabric is light and will be perfect for spring/summer and I knew I wanted the pom pons as soon as I saw them. I think once Raelyn gets a room makeover in the new house, pom pons will have to be incorporated somewhere.. I'm thinking curtains? I LOVE how this turned out and it will look even better once my new lens comes in the mail tomorrow (EEEE!!) That's a whole other level of excitement. I think with the left over fabric I'm going to make one for a friend's birthday and possibly even another. 


  1. My birthday isn't until November though?!??!?
    VERY CUTE! I love hearing your excitement through your blog! Can't wait to see what this new lens can do & all the cute pics you will take!!

  2. This is so cute! I just saw some made out of scarfs on Pinterest the other day and I thought that was cute then!