Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day + Randomness

Snow? In Florida? This hasn't happened in years ever since I've lived here so uh.. twenty-one years. You could say that I wasn't quite holding my breath, but I would also be lying if I wasn't a little bit excited to see snow here! So instead of getting pretty white snow, we got this awful freezing rain. I spent the day applying to jobs in Oregon, looking at potential houses in Oregon and more essays while my little babe played the day away!

I have a daily struggle at what I want to do as far as work goes in Oregon. I want to contribute more to our family as far as working goes and I LOVE ultrasound and would LOVE to actually use the stupid amount of money I paid to go to ultrasound school. But you see, there is this beautiful, growing, hilarious, smart, did I mention growing? little girl that I would be missing out on during the days. So there I go.. going back and forth on working full-time or part-time. It would be a dream to somehow work from home. I've thought about putting my love for photography to good use and start learning more about that, but I need practice, lots of it.. and time. For now, I'm applying to all things ultrasound/medical receptionists and anything else that will make use of my bachelors degree in the making. Maybe I can intern for a photographer once I get to Oregon? I'm praying on it. I've been praying on it and I know that He has a plan for me and I also know I have a wonderful husband who supports whatever decision I choose to do. He truly is a wonderful man, I am the luckiest.

Mail from our handsome. Just come home already!
As far as house hunting goes, I think it's still a wee bit early to actually start making phone calls and sending out emails (even though I have already fallen in love with several houses) We finally have our orders so I think it just makes me even more antsy to get there and all settled. New house means I get to redecorate and if you know me, I am ALL about that. I think I am most excited to re-do Raelyn's room and make it not so babyish and more toddler-esque.. I still can't believe I am even typing that. 
I'll leave you with some pictures of Rae and her first little pony tail in the back. SO CUTE.

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