Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Week.

It's been one week since this handsome man had to leave for Texas.

I'm glad we were able to make it to the beach once, even if it was just a quick photo op.
But man oh man we miss our favorite! 

Break my freakin heart.. I pulled right from the airport into a parking space and cried a little.

It's the first time we've been apart as a family and although it happens often in other families, especially in military families, it still sucks. Pumpkin has always been so involved in everyday life with Rae, I would be lying if I said it has been easy without him. Changing diapers usually takes the two of us, so as of late I've had to full on wrestle Rae to get a diaper or clothes on. 
I'm miss our coffee dates and just the giggles and playfulness that we share, but this will go by quick. Six weeks to go and after that we have at least four (praying for forever!) of a new career in recruiting, which means no deployments and no separation. My kind of deal. It will be so nice to have my handsome home every night, instead of every other night. 

I am so very thankful for technology sometimes. FaceTime has been our saving grace and we usually see our favorite at least three times a day. Rae is basically a pro at FaceTime...

Hang in there, babe! We're so proud of you and we thank you so much for making this career move to support our family. After these next six weeks are up we will have more time as a family and that is completely worth it. Your girls love you an incredible amount!

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  1. I love all these facetime pictures! you guys are great parents :)