Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OH, Snow!

Well Florida, you surprised me! It actually snowed here.. much more like ice, but regardless there was white stuff on the ground in FLORIDA. You know I bundled up Raeritto and let her play outside for a little. Plus we got to wear our new favorite sweater from her aunty that she brought back from Canada!

I mean, how adorable is she? That faux fur scarf was the cutest thing on her! Rae already LOVES to be outside and she has been banging and smashing her face into the back door for days. Needless to say, baby girl got her feet on the ground and took off! Ice won't stop her. She kept saying "Oh!" "Ooohh" and stomping around. This weather is nice from time to time and snow can be pretty, but I am not a fan of sitting inside. Cabin fever is real and this mama cannot wait until spring rolls around. Too bad we won't be here during the summer because I could really go for a beer on the beach with my handsome by my side watching a sandy bottomed Rae run and giggle around. Oh, sun-kissed skin how I miss you. 

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  1. I love these pics of her!! Such a beautiful baby!! I'll be so sad when I can't see her anymore :(