Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Alive

To my select few followers.. I am alive. 
I've been absent from blogging because we've been 
packing (or setting things aside that DON'T need to be packed by the movers)
dealing with unfortunate mishaps at home (I don't even want to get into this..)
visiting with family
more traveling
birthdays (yes, that's plural.. three to be exact)
all while trying to stay on top of my extra workload of school.
 Honestly, the last week seems like a blur. Once I get settled I promise I'll do an update. Until then here's some sweet pictures of the little.

That BEAUTIFUL picture of Rae in her birthday attire was taken by Pumpkin's younger sister. Check her out at :) She does some amazing work. A whole separate post will have to be done on that birthday. Fingers crossed I'll get to it by Monday ;)

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