Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello all,
 I know there have been a few new readers so here's fifty things about my handsome and I:

1. I call him Pumpkin
2. and I'm his kiwi.. or tiwi
3. Our daughter is our whole world
4. He knew that we were having a girl
5. We picked her name based off a TV show
6. I love planning parties 
7. He loves Crossfit
8. I need to get on more of a schedule to work out
9. The inside of my wedding ring is engraved
10. it says "JustUs"
11. We also have JustUs tattoo'd on our wrists (but prob. not where you're thinking)
12. We can't wait to get another tattoo in Oregon
13. We leave each other post-it notes throughout the WHOLE house
14. and I've saved
15. We have two boxers
16. Teddi & Behr
17. I become chatty Cathy as soon as we lay down
18. He falls asleep in 3 seconds. Literally, I've counted.
19. I leave all the jars/lids open
20. He closes them so tight I can't open them
21. I love when he sings
22. He tells me I'm beautiful every day
23. He just wants to do 'boy things'
24. and I love that about him
25. I like Shiraz
26. He likes Chianti
27. We met in high school
28. Talked here and there, then 4 years later got married
29. Easiest and best decision of my life
30. He's the better cook
31. even though he will argue it
32. I actually really enjoy cleaning
33. He can basically do anything and everything, my little handy man
34. I cheer for the Gators
35. and his team just won the National Championship
36. We love the mountains
37. but will always call the beaches home
38. We play the light game every night, which always turns into a tickle fest
39. I (secretly) love it
40. We frequently make tents in the living room
41. and it's always more uncomfortable than it should be because our dogs hog all the room
42. I make lists for everything
43. and will rewrite it if it looks messy
44. His uncontrollable laughter is the best
45. I love taking pictures
46. and he willingly will take a million and be in a million plus one just to make me happy
47. I always end up giving him his presents early
48. and he always leaves me 'just because' flowers
49. We keep a journal for each other and for Rae
50. We're best friends.


  1. sooooo awesome loved reading this! I must do this :)

  2. I love your blog