Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year & New Goals

Hope everyone had a safe and memorable NYE last night! We spent part of our night in the back yard next to a bonfire with the pups. As much as I wanted to stay out there until midnight, I was freezing. Even with double everything and an extra jacket. So we burned some boxes and said goodbye to our Christmas tree (tear!) and headed inside around ten.

One dog can't get close enough to the fire.. our 80 lb. male other hand would rather crawl in your lap.  

Pumpkin made the bomb quesadilla's when we got inside. I even questioned him why he was making three.. silly me. My belly sure was happy at the end of the night. We toasted with hot chocolate and ice cream and called it a night at 12:15!

The past year changed my life forever. Bringing a beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world is more than I could have ever dreamed of. Experiencing the excitement and wonder through her eyes on a daily basis makes my heart explode. It made me step back and view things from her point of view, it's made my marriage stronger and it definitely made me a better person. As I go into the New Year I can't help but thank the Lord for continuing to bless our family. We have a new and exciting chapter about to unfold and so much unknown territory. Where will our new house be, when will be find a house, where will I work, if I work will Raelyn go into day care, how will Pumpkin's new job play into that.. so many lingering thoughts that I choose not to even begin to sort through right now. So without hesitating, I give it to God. I pray often about our move, about our journey and where He will lead us and I trust in Him. There's one thing I can be sure of and that's He will take care of us and I feel so content in my heart knowing that. 

I asked the handsome guy sitting next to me on the couch last night what his New Year's resolution was and we both didn't have an answer. Here's what I came up with today:

>> To just stop. Stop constantly cleaning the kitchen. Stop worrying about the million things that need to be done and enjoy the time I have with my family. Rae will only be so little for so long and I want to make these moments count and Pumpkin will be busier than ever with his new career and I want to enjoy every bit of him when I can. 

>> To enjoy Oregon. Simple. Eventually I'm going to make a bucket list of everything in Oregon that we want/need to do before our time is up there.

>> Be more efficient with school. I graduate in August and I want to get it done ASAP. Thankfully, my grades have been on point and I'll be doubling classes while I have some time off work so lets hope they stay that way.

>> Eat better (of course) this past year we changed up our diet a lot and we've seen huge results. With a farmers market within a short drive from us in Oregon, I hope to be frequent there this year. 

>> CrossFit more (another duh).. or workout in general. We got a new garage gym and I plan need to set up a real routine to get my butt back in shape. 

>> Find more educational activities that we can do with Rae. Now that she's getting older it will be fin to incorporate colors and numbers into our everyday!

>> Drink more water.

>> Make our new house a home.

>> Attempt a small garden.

I'm sure there could be a ton more, but that's all I got for now folks. I'll leave you with Rae's new discovery..

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