Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December

So this post was intended for yesterday, but as per usual I got a little caught up. Forgive me. I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I know I did and I am still full from eating such glorious meals. I am however pretty excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get back on track to some healthier meals. My dad & stepmom are coming into town late Friday night and get to meet Raelyn for the first time. It'll be a fun weekend and I'm so excited to finally have my dad in my neck of the woods. Over the weekend the handsome and I went a picked up a tree.. sadly, just from Lowes because it was raining and COLD and I did not want to waste anymore time not having a tree around. I was not about to drive an hour to go get one in the wetness. Pumpkin picked out the perfect tree and we went to town decorating it once our mini went down for a nap.

Rae is quite fond of the Christmas tree and alllll those ornaments are slowly making their way higher and higher out of her little hands reach. 

I also hung up our advent calendar! It turned out better than I thought and I love how it looks hanging in our kitchen between the shutters. I got the muslin bags from amazon and just used paint markers that I has lying around the house to write the numbers on the front. Instead of gifts or candy in the bags, I chose to do activities for us to do and once we accomplish them we'll put it in the bag. For the activities I just used Christmas scrapbook paper and cut them into fun shapes. Maybe once Rae gets older I might add in some little treats, but I really love the idea of an activity list. 

I even was a little ambitious during nap time today and wrapped a few presents. These will have to be safely kept in the guest bedroom until Christmas day, other wise our little Rae monster will rip right though all the pretty wrapping paper I spent forever perfecting (and the tape currently isn't holding.. grrrreat)

I love, love, LOVE Christmas time & what makes my heart even happier is the fact that my handsome does too.. He puts Christmas music on more than I do :) 

& A very happy second birthday to my beautiful niece, Aaryn! I can't wait to see them when we get to Florida.                                                   

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