Monday, November 25, 2013

Raelyn's First Thanksgiving

Since Pumpkin has to work on Thanksgiving, the joys of being a firefighter, we celebrated a week earlier at his mom's house. I can't say it enough, but I am so fortunate to be apart of his family. Having them an hour and a half down the road means we get to share these holidays when them and that means so much to us. I'm not sure why I didn't whip out my camera earlier. We were all through eating and Raelyn was just about done and I was like CRAP. I didn't take any pictures.. so unlike me ;)

A huge thanks to Mrs. Tracy and Stefan's Nana for doing all the cooking! I made the corn casserole and muffins, but that was nothin' compared to what else was made! Lucky little lady got to have everything we did with the exception of desserts. Sorry Rae, maybe next year. She now has eight teefers so she had no problem eating the turkey. Watching her eat cranberry was the most hilarious thing. She knows how to make a crowd laugh and that she did. After each bite she'd make a face and kept on and on just so we would giggle at her. We attempted to get her to eat a lot of turkey so she would snooze the night away.. wishful thinking ;)

After we ate we got all cleaned up, changed outfits because we had all kinds of stuff smashed into her skirt and took a little nap. I was wore out and could barely keep my eyes open so me and my mini took a nap. After we woke up, we took advantage of the warmer weather before the cold front decided to come and ran around out front with our favorite. 

Now that Rae is more mobile she had fun chasing down the kitty. It was a love/hate relationship.. he swatted and ran away from her and she tried to love and bite him.

It was a successful early Thanksgiving weekend spent with family and lots of laughs. I can't believe we only have SIX more days left of November. I still have so many things to craft and we haven't even got our tree yet. Don't worry that's all changing in a few days :) Pumpkin's probably asked me everyday to get a tree and now I just have to see when were off together.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Sorry your husband has to work on Thanksgiving but I hope you have a great one!!!