Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Christmas Cards with Tiny Prints

Christmas cards are most definitely one of our favorite parts about the season. The girls take turns reaching into the mailbox and finding cards from all their friends. And I definitely love being able to send all our favorite something special this time of year. It makes all of us smile when we have a shelf full of card from our friends and family that we don't get to see often enough.

We've chosen to work with Tiny Prints for all our card needs throughout the years + just as always, they never disappoint. The quality is always spot on and their customization is always so fun. I always favorite several different cards and when we finally narrow down a picture it's such a breeze to upload a picture and it displays in each favorited card. I even went with the Playfully Written address labels that they offer. I love to write out the addresses for friends and family, but this did save me some extra time!

 There are so many fun choices to make with selecting cards; foil or glitter, rounded or special cut, one photo or many. We ultimately chose Gleaming Frost with gold foil and I just loooooove it. I chose a darker photo with us giggling because its most definitely easier to make the girls giggle than to look right at a camera. The foiling gave the card that extra something special that I was looking for. 

I'm such a sucker for minimalism that I just picked ones photo for the front, but couldn't leave the back plain so I used the other picture that didn't make the cut for the front ;) I wasn't able to snap one of JUST the girls so this is just double the fun.

Tiny Prints is offering 40% off all prints with the code: jingle bell + free shipping on orders over $49 so you can still get Christmas cards in time. There are even some super cute New Year cards, I'm especially loving this one.

These babies just went in the mail today, so act surprised friends ;)

cards gifted in exchange for post//


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh, Christmas tree

Christmas tree farms are plentiful around here and we look forward to it every year. We go to the same spot, Sunny Day Tree Farm and if that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside I don't know what will. 

The girls love being able to walk around and pick out a tree. Raelyn was especially fun this year and would say, "don't get too big of a tree, dad!" + guess what. We came home with a pretty big tree. 

It's always pretty chilly and it gets dark at 4:30 here so we picked a tree out super quick, snapped a few photos and went into the cabin for some hot chocolate.

We left with a new favorite ornament, bellies full of hot chocolate, 20ft of garland + picked up pizza on the way home. It may not even have been Thanksgiving yet, but seeing the girls light up with excitement over these traditions is my very favorite. I'll never forget these moments.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Family Photos

I'm just now getting outfits figured out for Christmas card pictures so I figured I should probably share our weekend getaway turned family photos in my DREAM cabin.

I've been stalking this cabin on airbnb for a while now and knew that it'd be incredible to visit in the fall with all the leaves turning. I had a photographer cancel + a friend came to the rescue, which probably worked out for the best because Rae didn't have stranger danger like usual.

Those girls are growing up so fast, it's incredible to see how alike they are + yet so different. Raelyn has always taken to her big sister role and now I'll catch her reading to Aubrey in bed in the mornings before were all awake. It's the sweetest thing and I just hope they always remain this close. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


I think today was the first day in forever that I actually was able to sit down a read a few blogs. Which is kind of surprising because my to do list is a mile long (when is it not?) and Aubs is still clinging to me like a little monkey. I'll let her slide a day or two longer because she did have a scary high fever the last few days but I cannot get a n y t h i n g done lately.

So lets play catch up!

The sister game is strong here. Rae is reading books to Aubs in bed in the mornings when she wakes up, they both run when I try and put their hair up, a lot of "miiiiine", but also a lot of kisses. Raelyn even made sure on Halloween that Aubrey got a treat at each door, too. Can't leave out her number one fan. 

We did the pumpkin patch thing one day and loved on all the animals, ate the best apple cider donuts I've ever had and just barely left before it down poured.

Halloween weekend was super fun. These costumes were all from Goodwill and might be hard to beat next year. I'm also wondering how long it'll be before Rae wants to not coordinate as a family. She got to pick each one of our costumes this year though, so it was still really cute. I cannot even tell you how amazing it was to see her put on her batman costume. She LOVED that thing and frequently wears it around the house still.

In other news, Rae has now learned to access snapchat. SO! if you've received random pictures that have been drawn all over, or random filters... that'd be my 3 year old. She's also started texting random people just a bunch of emoji's.... all because this girl will not sleep past 5:00am and snatches my phone in the morning because she knows I am not full functioning that early.... 

...see what I mean about Aubs. Poor baby looked so sad all last week. + that thumb. Gotta break that habit realllllll soon.

Photography has slowed down, I've been able to catch up and my new website (again) is in progress. I've learned SO MUCH the past year and I'm so excited for all to come next year. 

+ goodnight because it 11:30pm and I still have to edit a bit ;) 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Canada Trip: Day two + three

Like how I said day two was going to be the next day.... hahah I should've known. A BIG hug to all of you who are still following along though. It's nice to open this blog up and just write for fun and to play catch up.

but here we go! Day two and three on our Canada trip...

Because I'm such a type A, I had this trip planned out to the hour and surprisingly it all went pretty great. We started off a little late some mornings, but were still able to go to all the spots we picked out. Peyto Lake was pretty amazing. There was a viewpoint, but if you hiked up a little bit you got better views! We wandered around here for a while and then Stefan and I took the girls back to the cars once it started to rain a little. On the way back to the Fairmont we stopped off at Lake Minnewanka and it was FREEZING so we go a few pictures and hopped back in the car so we could find somewhere for lunch.

We ended up eating lunch at the Fairmont and with several different restaurants inside it was easy to bounce around and try new things. I did a quick shoot with my best friend for Christmas cards and then we had to wait out some rain to go canoeing, but it was well worth it.

you can't see Aubs in that picture, but she's happily sucking on a lollipop. It was a little cold so we paddled quickly to the back of the lake and back before both girls' hands were frozen. 

The rest of the night was games + pizza + beer + wine + and late night room service desserts... what more could you ask for?

Lyss + Keiran had to fly back in the afternoon on the third day but we all met up again in the morning and hiked Johnston Canyon. We were on a mission to find the 'secret spot' and after a bunch of trial and error we made it there.

^ don't let them fool you... apparently theres a video out there of them being bad babysitters that I've yet to see ;) Rae's so happy when she gets to hang with her friends 24/7.

^blurry tourist photo, thanks lady.

I meannnnn.... that face. Can we please do this again? Soon? GAH.

+ just for fun I also did a styled elopement shoot that was recently featured on Junebug Wedding. It was beautiful and the couple is so freaking cute. So thankful for them and the little time we were able to spend together creating magic.

andddddd I might as well post the last little bit of the trip. We ended up staying at this pretty neat condo and we were able to put the girls down for bed and close the door. It was MAGICAL. I'm all for vacations and adventuring but to be able to have JUST adult time is pretty nice, too. So we laughed, drank way too much wine trying to make a boomerang and did a little shopping and exploring during our last days. My best friend lives way too far and even though we literally talk once a day its so fun being able to hang out and make stupid jokes in person. Plus, seeing her with my girls is basically my favorite thing.

It was an amazing vacation and I'm so happy everything worked out. We made it the whole 12 hours back home in one piece but only because we bought dvd players in Canada so the girls would be content. So not opposed to whipping those bad boys out for long drives now. And now I can't wait to go back... definitely a place I'd love to explore more of one day!